Done-for-you Workshop Packages!

Join our HER Workshops Club! We provide monthly Done-for-you personal development workshops for women who want to present workshops online or in-person to help others achieve mastery in their life areas. Our Workshop Packages are created with Biblical Principles, Leadership, and Problem-solving strategies. The content can be edited, branded, and delivered as your own to package and profit from workshops, online courses, digital products, coaching, trainings, retreats, webinars, and so much more!

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HER Members Club

Get instant access to our Free HER Members Club for your own leadership, personal, and professional development! Access the "Unstoppable Confidence" done-for-you workshop package for your own personal development and to use to generate revenue for speaking, coaching, and workshops to help others. You'll also receive monthly mini-workshops and worksheets. Take action now!


What if you could join a future online monthly Membership Community for an affordable price and receive personal and professional development Workshop Training for your growth every month? What value would this be to you and your business if, within this same affordable price, you could also receive a Done-for-you Workshop Package (Content Script, Slides, and Handouts) and attach your own branding, logo, and edits making it presented or provided by you? Every'll receive online training, a new Done-for-you Workshop Package, and start serving your customers and making profits!  You can use your monthly Workshop Packages to generate profit ideas like:  online workshops, webinars, online courses, digital downloads, onsite workshops, membership community, bundle training packages, training conferences, speaking, seminars, email courses, online group coaching, training bootcamps, training retreats, half-day workshops, full-day workshops, and so much more! 

Connie Williams, Founder

Connie Williams is founder of HER Workshops and has a passion and joy for training leaders. She has served as a Women’s Ministry speaker, conference, and workshop leader. Connie has created a tremendous impact in helping the Body of Christ apply the Biblical principles of Honor, Management, and Excellence in her teachings from her 30+ leadership career. She is also the Founder-Chief Advisor of Organization Advisors, Inc., a Leadership Development Coaching and Training Firm.


What is HER Workshops?

We provide monthly Done-for-you personal development workshops for women who want to present workshops online or in-person to help others achieve mastery in their life areas. Our HER Members Club is a "Free Membership" created to help members design their 3-word Heart Message Solution to grow their speaking, coaching, and workshop business. In the future, we will provide monthly Done-for-you Workshop Packages to our paid members through the HER Workshops Club. Join our HER Members Club so you can be notified when the paid HER Workshops Club launches. Online courses are offered occasionally to the public for an affordable price. Women entrepreneurs can be established and/or just starting out in their business. HER stands for "Heart Empowered Results!"

What solutions do you provide?

We provide  a "Free Membership" to help you get started on your 3-word Heart Message Solution called the HER Members Club. When our "Paid Membership" launches, we will offer Done-for-you Workshop Packages to help you save time and money.  As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats in your business. You could accomplish more if you had more time and support. Purchasing content can be expensive and cost hundreds of dollars. Having an abundance of content will help you take action to help your clients and keep your business profitable.

How can I join this "free membership" of the HER Members Club?

"Click" on this link:  HER Members Club. Join today to get started on your 3-word Heart Solution Message!

What are the benefits for the "Free Membership"of the HER Members Club?

  • One (1) Personal-Professional Growth Group Workshop Session every month.
  • Help taking action with the 3-word Heart Message Solution for Speaking, Coaching, and Workshops.
  • The "Unstoppable Confidence" Done-for-you Workshop Package to use for your business and/or personal growth.
  • Discounts on our new products.
  • Private Facebook Community for questions, answers, and support. 
  • First-time access to free content before it goes out to the public.

What is so unique about HER Workshops?

  • The content is original and from the founder’s 30+ years of experience in leadership development and the instructional design and implementation of evidence-based intervention programs in health, human, and social services. The skillful application of the principles from the content will help your clients achieve mastery and transformation. 
  • The content can be used for delivering workshops online and to organizations, corporations, non-profits, and community-based organizations.
  • The content incorporates Biblical Principles, leadership, and problem-solving strategies in the instructional design. The content can also be customized for delivering workshops to churches and faith-based organizations.
  • All Done-for-you Workshop Packages are designed to fit into the vehicles of Coaching, Speaking, and Workshops for multiple streams of profits.  
  • We offer a "Free Membership" program. The members will also grow and increase their personal, professional, and leadership skills.

What are the "Paid" HER Workshop Membership benefits?

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Two (2) Live Group Workshop Sessions every month.
  • A New Done-for-You Workshop Package every month. You can brand, edit, and customize the Workshop Packages. You make and keep your profits.
  • Your content can be presented and customized to Organizations, Corporations, Churches, Faith-based Organizations, and Non-profits.
  • Private Facebook Community for questions, answers, and support.
  • Content Library
  • Ability to monetize the modules and handouts into multiple streams of revenue.
  • Bundle several Done-for-you Workshop Packages and/or modules to sell at a higher price.
  • Bonus Course for joining:  A Roadmap Course to structure your business.
  • No contracts or commitments!
  • Affordable monthly price!

What’s included in each Done-for-you Workshop Package?

  • Agenda
  • Editable Content Script with instructions on delivering each workshop module.
  • Editable PowerPoint slides.
  • Editable handouts and graphics.
  • Editable Evaluation questions.
  • Bible scripture references are included for customizing coaching and training for churches and faith-based organizations.
  • Instructions on using the Workshop Package for speaking and coaching.
  • Content License

What is a Content License?

By receiving as a gift or as a purchaser of a Done-for-you Workshop Package from us, you are receiving a special content license that gives you the non-exclusive rights and special permission to use our content in a variety of ways for your business. All products and materials within the HER Workshops membership will always remain the property of Organization Advisors, Inc. and the Done-for-you Workshop Packages can be edited reproduced, distributed, branded, and packaged for profit for paying members only and according to the rules of the Content License.

What are your payment plans for your monthly membership?

Join our "Free" HER Members Club to get started with your 3-word Heart Message Solution. You'll get notification when the paid membership launches. The paid membership will be $37 per month. No contracts or commitments. We will launch soon! 

How does billing work?

Your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled.

What is your cancellation policy?

We don't want to see you go! You can cancel anytime. Just inform us that you would like to cancel 5 days prior to your next billing date in order to not be charged for the next billing period. Email us at

How can I contact you?

You can email us at connie@herworkshops